Thursday, August 5, 2010

official: wonderlandWPA is a nice company

MyType, an online application that asks users to answer questions to determine their personality, raised some eyebrows when it released results from its recent survey.

Hidden in the results was the scientific fact that "iPad owners, or people that want an iPad, are selfish, scoring low on measures of kindness and altruism. They value power and achievement much more than others." So in other words, iPad owners are pretty horrible people.

Armed with this (highly debatable) research, we did a straw poll around the studio to find out who wanted an iPad, and even worse, whether any of these cold blooded individuals actually intended to buy one.
After the results were counted and verified, we were all able to breathe a sigh of collective relief. Well, apart from the 10% of us that, as it turns out, are pretty selfish individuals.

So we're officially a 90% thoroughly nice and not-very-selfish-at-all company, which might be another reason for you to get in touch with us... unless you're planning to email us from your iPad.

Source: Guardian

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