Wednesday, August 22, 2012

staff meeting

As part of the identity and communications work that we are doing with a large London Healthcare NHS Trust, we have been out and about with the Communications Team at various locations served by the Trust to share some ideas with staff (writes Lawrence).

It has been a really interesting experience.

There are two main observations that I wanted to share. Firstly, just how interested staff were in what we were doing. Everyone we spoke to was not only constructive in their feedback but was very aware of the importance of having a single purpose and identity behind which they could all unite. Much of what we shared was of a visual nature. It’s easy and understandable to make subjective judgments about ‘pictures’. Some will often say they don’t like something but not really know why. The responses we got were well informed and objective – often with suggestions and feedback about how things could be improved.

Secondly, how passionate everyone was about their organisation and the NHS. We spoke to a broad cross section of staff - clinical through to administrative - yet the commitment was just as strong and united. And although many had some issues with how things were, everyone’s loyalty and belief in the Trust and the NHS was unmistakable. The NHS is going through some radical changes but it’s refreshing that with all the problems that are often faced, they are being confronted by staff hell bent on delivering fantastic healthcare.

This exercise reiterated to us that you ignore sharp end staff at your peril – they not only give you important direction but also their support is vital. And that NHS staff are totally engaged with their organisation and ready and willing to make things work in order to protect this great institution of ours.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

adventures in coffee

To help celebrate coffee brand Percol's 25th anniversary, we recently redesigned its ground coffee range (see pics), giving the packs the stand out on shelf they deserve.

The idea behind the brand is 'Adventures in Coffee' and we reckon the new packaging reflects this while clearly differentiating the wide range of variants...